Dangiwa urges African Housing Ministers to collaborate on continent’s housing issues at 43rd SHAFDB AGM in Kigali.

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Dangiwa urges African housing ministers to collaborate on continent's housing issues at 43rd SHAFDB AGM in Kigali.

 The Honorable Minister of Housing and Urban Development and 42nd AGM Bureau Chair of Shelter Afrique Development (ShafDB), Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa, has urged African housing ministers to work collaboratively to address the continent’s pressing housing development challenges.

This call to action was made during his opening remarks at the Opening Ceremony of the Bank’s 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) Symposium, holding at the Marriott Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda 11-13th June, 2024.

In attendance at the opening ceremony were the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, represented by the Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Edouard Ngirente, Ministers of Housing and Public Works from several African countries, organized sector and private sector players.

Stressing the importance of innovative financing, Dangiwa underscored the crucial role of ShafDB as Africa’s premier housing finance institution, stating, “ShafDB is Africa’s housing finance bank, the only such institution that we have. It is therefore important that we all continue to give the bank all the support that it requires to grow, scale in impact and deliver on its mandate.” He highlighted the necessity for continued support to the bank to enable it to scale its impact and deliver on its mandate of providing affordable, decent, and quality housing across Africa.

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As part of efforts to institutionalize partnerships, the Hon. Minister unveiled plans to launch a Financial Caucus of African Ministers of Housing and Urban Development during the AGM. This platform, he noted, aims to foster synergy, share experiences, and develop innovative measures to bolster housing development across African nations. He emphasized, “The African housing problem is for Africa to solve. And we as Ministers of Housing must recognize that we are the ones responsible for providing the solutions and driving the process towards fixing Africa’s housing challenge.” He reiterated that solving Africa’s housing problem requires a unified approach, urging ministers to work together, share lessons, and engage with external stakeholders collectively.

“At the end of this AGM, we also plan to have a Kigali Declaration to signify and communicate our collective desire to Prioritize housing development and commit to taking concrete steps towards making a substantial difference. The Kigali Declaration aims to unify our voices to achieve common goals and tackle shared challenges. It seeks to highlight to the global community the urgent need for coordinated action on climate change, emphasizing its impact on Africa.   It is important to state that the Kigali Declaration will not just be words on paper. We have ensured that it is based on a well-prepared roadmap for “How to Finance and Deliver,” leveraging the professional expertise around Shelter Afrique Development Bank. Our aim is to make a difference. And this is possible”, he noted.

Dangiwa also highlighted the critical role of the housing industry in achieving climate ambition and sustainability targets in the face of climate change. He called for a commitment to upholding the laws and statutes governing ShafDB and praised the perseverance and strategic planning that have led to significant achievements over the past year. “Our achievements over the past year underscore the importance of strategic planning and building strong connections,” he noted.

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Highlighting a major accomplishment, Dangiwa announced the overwhelming support from member States for the ratification of the new statutes during the Extraordinary General Assembly in Algiers. He stated, “This consensus is a significant milestone in our journey to establish the Shelter Afrique Development Bank.” Despite some delays in the full ratification process, he emphasized the need to address these challenges promptly to continue the bank’s growth trajectory.

The Hon. Minister expressed his gratitude to the President of Rwanda, His Excellency Paul Kagame, and the Government of Rwanda for hosting the AGM. He noted, “The beauty, neatness and orderliness of Kigali and its hospitality is simply breathtaking.” Additionally, he thanked the ShafDB Board of Directors, led by Dr. Chii Akporji, for their support throughout his tenure as Chairperson of the 42nd AGM Bureau, acknowledging the significant milestones achieved under their guidance.

In addition, Dangiwa underscored the importance of building robust alliances and sustaining momentum. He expressed confidence in the incoming Chair of the 43rd AGM Bureau, Hon. Dr. Jimmy Gasore, to guide the revitalization process effectively. He said, “I am optimistic and anticipate that the new Chair of the 43rd AGM Bureau possesses the capacity to effectively guide this revitalization process.”

Dangiwa expressed his gratitude to all participants for their commitment and collaboration, emphasizing the importance of staying united to overcome new and existing challenges. He stated, “Regardless of the decisions we make, I am confident that we will make them together, as a united body.”

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director/Chief Executive of ShafDB, Mr. Thierno Hann and the Board Chairperson, Dr. Chii Akporji reinforced the Hon. Minister’s call for collaboration stating that the Bank had undergone significant reforms and reorganization and is now better positioned to deliver on its mandate of providing affordable to citizens of its member countries. They encouraged African countries to double down on their support of the Bank by making timely payments of the capital subscriptions and enabling effective project implementation.


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