President Tinubu Endorses Every Nigerian’s Right to Housing

Taiwo Ajayi
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President Tinubu

Nigeria’s president, Bola Tinubu has thrown his weight behind the notion that every Nigerian deserves a home.

This resounding endorsement came Thursday during the official launch of the construction of 3,112 pilot housing projects under the Renewed Hope Housing Initiative in the Karsana area of the Federal Capital Territory.

In his keynote address, President Tinubu stressed the significance of housing, labeling it as a fundamental right and emphasizing the government’s obligation to its people in this regard. He underscored that providing decent and affordable housing goes beyond moral duty, noting its potential as a driver for inclusive economic development.

“Our goal is to increase the sense of togetherness, improve health and productivity of our citizens and reduce pressure on city centres.

“On this note, I am today directing the minister of the federal capital territory and the minister of works to provide access roads to all renewed hope cities and estates projects to increase accessibility and livability starting with this site in Karsana.

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“This is because my administration believes that every Nigerian deserves to have access to shelter that is affordable and adequate.” the president said.

Tinubu outlined his administration’s ambition to “redefine the essence of residential living for Nigerians across the nation.

“We are resolved to facing the housing challenge with the clarity of purpose and determination that is required to break all the barriers that stand in our way of success

“That is why I took the historic decision of separating the federal ministry of housing and urban development from works so it can be fully aligned towards tackling the nation’s massive housing problem.” he added.

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He further noted that the housing project comprising 25,000 units in the FCT is anticipated to generate employment opportunities for 50,000 Nigerians.

The Renewed Hope Cities and Estates Project, spearheaded by the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, represents a flagship initiative of the Federal Government.
In its initial phase, the Ministry aims to build 50,000 housing units of diverse types.

Funding for this ambitious project will be sourced from multiple channels, including budgetary allocations, the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), among others.

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