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Lagos Man Commits Suicide After Landlord Raises Rent to N60,000

A man in his mid-30s, known as Baale or Radical, has tragically

Amanda Daily Amanda Daily

Tenants Groan As FX, Interest Rate, Inflation Push Up Rents

The haemorrhaging economic condition in Nigeria is impacting negatively on various sectors

Taiwo Ajayi Taiwo Ajayi

Democratic senators call on Fed to cut interest rates over high housing costs

Several Democratic senators urged the Federal Reserve on Sunday to cut interest

Taiwo Ajayi Taiwo Ajayi

Abuja Court Orders Tenant’s Remand for Alleged Assault on Landlord

A dispute between a tenant and his landlord led to a significant

Taiwo Ajayi Taiwo Ajayi

Protecting your Rights as a Tenant in Nigeria

Searching for accommodation in Nigeria is one of the most difficult things

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