Benue State Residents Voice Frustration Over Cement Price Surge to N8,000

Taiwo Ajayi
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Residents of Benue State are expressing frustration and concern following a significant increase in the price of cement, which has soared to N8,000.

The sudden hike, from its previous price of N5,500, has left many residents reeling. In interviews conducted in various parts of the state, individuals highlighted the impact of this price surge on their livelihoods and construction projects.

AIHS 2024
AIHS 2024

Mr. James Toryila, one of the affected residents, expressed disbelief at the sharp increase, questioning the rationale behind such a drastic change in price within a short period. He emphasized the strain it places on individuals already grappling with economic challenges.

Similarly, Mrs. Grace Aondona, a small-scale builder, lamented the adverse effects of the price surge on her construction projects. She voiced concerns about the affordability of cement and its implications for the completion of ongoing projects.

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The sudden increase in cement prices has sparked calls for government intervention to address the situation and alleviate the burden on residents. Many are urging regulatory measures to stabilize prices and ensure affordability for all.

As residents grapple with the impact of rising cement prices, they hope for swift action to mitigate its effects and restore stability to the market.

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