Ebonyi State Government Demolishes 30 Illegal Structures in Abakaliki Metropolis

Taiwo Ajayi
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In a proactive move to uphold the aesthetic appeal and urban master plan of Abakaliki Capital City, the Ministry of Capital City and Urban Development has initiated the demolition of over 30 illegally constructed shops and containers within unauthorized areas of the metropolis.

The demolition exercise, which commenced at the Central Park axis, Ochudo Centenary City, was led by Chief Sunday Inyima, the Commissioner for Capital City Development. Inyima emphasized that the owners of the illegal structures were duly notified prior to the action.

Addressing the media, Commissioner Inyima highlighted the unauthorized nature of the structures, citing their encroachment upon designated service lanes without ministry approval.


Despite warnings issued to the owners since August 2023, no corrective action was taken, necessitating the intervention.

“In our effort to restore the city’s integrity, we cannot allow such violations to persist,” stated Commissioner Inyima. “These structures pose a threat to our urban planning objectives and must be removed.”

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Regarding the financial implications, Commissioner Inyima affirmed that the ministry would cover the initial removal costs but would pursue further measures to ensure accountability for the final expenses incurred.

In response to queries about property ownership, Commissioner Inyima indicated that while some owners were identified and notified, others remained unknown. He stressed the importance of obtaining ministry approval before embarking on construction projects to prevent similar demolitions in the future.

Furthermore, Commissioner Inyima urged prospective developers to adhere to regulatory protocols and obtain requisite approvals to avoid legal ramifications.

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“As we strive to elevate Abakaliki’s status among Nigeria’s cities, we must prioritize compliance with urban development guidelines,” Commissioner Inyima emphasized. “We will continue our efforts to eradicate unauthorized structures and safeguard our city’s aesthetics.”

The ministry’s actions underscore its commitment to maintaining orderliness and upholding urban planning standards in Abakaliki Capital City. As the demolition progresses, the ministry seeks public cooperation in ensuring the city’s sustainable development and enhancement.

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