Firms Accuse Unauthorized Land Allocation for Estate Development Amidst Legal Dispute

Taiwo Ajayi
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Three prominent firms, namely Rosenrot Ltd, First Real Properties Ltd, and Switches Nigeria Ltd, have raised serious allegations in the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory. They contend that a parcel of land situated at plot 505, Cadastral Zone B04, Jabi District, Abuja, intended for estate development, was unlawfully awarded to another entity, Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (ABB Ltd).

In their responses to the legal action initiated by ABB Ltd, these firms emphasized that the allocation process lacked adherence to due process. They argue that the plaintiff, ABB Ltd, did not follow the proper procedures in obtaining the land in question.

The lawsuit initiated by ABB Ltd targets the three firms, as well as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), asserting ownership of an area previously designated as “open space/green area” behind the ABBNG Estate.

The defendants challenge the legitimacy of the land allocation to ABB Ltd, highlighting discrepancies such as the company’s registration status and the absence of legal recognition for land grants to unregistered entities under Nigerian law.

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The legal battle, presided over by Honourable Justice Olukayode Adeniyi of the FCT High Court, involves demands for a declaration that the grant of Plot 505 to ABB Ltd is invalid due to the company’s unregistered status at the time of allocation. Additionally, the defendants seek an order to nullify the said grant.

This disputed property, home to the luxurious ABBNG Estate situated along Mike Akhigbe Street, Jabi, Abuja, holds significant implications for its current occupants, who await the court’s decision.

With the case adjourned until March 7, 2024, for further proceedings, the legal dispute underscores the complexities and legal intricacies surrounding land ownership and allocation in the Federal Capital Territory.

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