Greedy developers and use of substandard materials in housing development

Olivia Pressman
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A troubling trend has emerged among landlords looking to maximize profits at the expense of tenant safety and comfort.

It has come to notice that many landlords across various regions opt for substandard materials during construction or renovation of rental properties. This alarming practice has raised concerns among tenants.

Numerous tenants have complained issues ranging from leaky roofs and faulty plumbing to poor structural weaknesses. In some extreme cases, these substandard materials have led to hazardous living conditions, including building collapse and electrical hazards.

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Speaking to one Janet Adebola, a resident of Abuja, she shared her experience as a tenant living in an apartment built with substandard materials. “One evening, while lying on my bed, my ceiling collapsed on me due to a heavy breeze entering the room.


Fortunately, I escaped injury as the ceiling was too light, so upon falling, the impact was mild. Even my door is so lightweight that it opens on its own with the slightest breeze. I paid heavily for this apartment yet I’m experiencing these distressing issues. Tenants deserve to live in homes that meet basic safety standards” Miss Adebola lamented.

Also, A resident of Oyo state, Olaide Emmanuel, with a different experience shared his story “Most of these landlords uses substandard materials because they know they can include it in the tenancy agreement, stating that any damages during the tenancy must be repaired by the resident, and you as a tenant, you have no choice than to shoulder the responsibility.

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“Recently, my kitchen pipe burst while I was using hot water to wash down particles and oil in the drain. I called my landlord to inform him, but he said he couldn’t do anything about it as it’s part of my tenancy agreement to repair any damages that occur while I live in the house. I had no choice but to repair it myself” he explained.

Moving on, In response to such incidents, Mr Adekunle Jonathan, a landlord who has chosen to invest in quality materials for his rental properties, emphasize the importance of quality construction. “While it may require a higher investment, using quality materials pays off in the long run. Happy and safe tenants lead to better occupancy rates and fewer maintenance issues” He said.

He further urges landlords to invest in quality building materials because, in the long run, they will earn back the investment through rental income.

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