Leading estate developer calls for secure investment environment for real estate business in lagos

Taiwo Ajayi
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Landmark Africa, a major investor in Lagos real estate, is urging authorities to create a conducive environment for property developers and secure investments along the Atlantic Ocean beach corridor in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The company emphasizes the need to protect the area from social miscreants and ensure that dredging for the Eko Atlantic project does not harm the environment and real estate developments.

Having invested over N3.5 billion, Landmark Africa employs a triple defense approach, including stone embankment, sheet-piling of the boundary wall, and the construction of an anchor wall. The measures aim to minimize the impact of large tidal waves caused by ongoing land reclamation work in the area.

CEO of Landmark Africa, Paul Onwuanibe, expresses concerns about challenges facing investors and social miscreants in the area. Despite holding meetings with various ministries, agencies, and departments to address these issues, no significant solutions have been achieved.

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Landmark Africa’s mixed-use developments encompass commercial, residential, and recreational spaces, providing a comprehensive environment for individuals and corporations. The company has forged strategic partnerships, attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and fostering business investments.

The Landmark leisure beach and retail boulevard cover 123,654 square meters, offering amenities such as bars, activity areas, restaurants, and retail shops. The beach resort provides exciting activities, including water sports, quad biking, paintball, and a high-octane aquatic adventure course.

Landmark Africa’s ongoing project, the 28-storey Landmark Waterview Apartments, promises 306 premium homes with modern amenities. The apartment features a fully automated entry system, smart home amenities, and digital concierge services.

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Highlighting the company’s contributions, Onwuanibe states that Landmark Africa owns a 220,000 square meter land area with over $250 million invested in property. The Landmark Hotel and Beach Resort, managed by the company, contributes N530 million yearly in federal and state taxes, attracting over four million people yearly. The project provides 4,000 direct ecosystem employment and 12,000 indirect employment, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Source: Guardian Ng

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