Nigerian Town Planners Applaud Adebayo for Exemplary Housing Advocacy Efforts

Taiwo Ajayi
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The Nigerian Institute of Town Planners has lauded Housing TV Africa Founder and pioneer Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN) Festus Adebayo for his unwavering dedication to housing advocacy.

TPl. Nathaniel M. Atebije, FNITP, National President of the Institute, praised Adebayo’s visionary establishment of the television, Housing TV Africa, acknowledging his passion and the vigor with which he has championed the cause for the past fifteen years.

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Highlighting housing as a fundamental need after food, TPl. Nathaniel expressed concern for the sizable population lacking adequate accommodation, some resorting to sleeping in undesirable places.

He emphasized Adebayo’s role as a spokesperson for those affected by issues arising from rapid population growth, urbanization, high construction costs, poor earnings, and inadequate planning.

The National President lamented the insufficient attention and lip service given to housing issues in Nigeria, contrasting it with countries like Singapore and the United Kingdom, where homelessness is strongly discouraged. He emphasized the absence of a comprehensive housing policy in Nigeria and sees the establishment of Housing TV Africa as a pivotal step in drawing government and private sector attention to address the housing situation.

In alignment with this advocacy, the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners has initiated a housing advocacy program on Housing Television, Africa. The program is graciously spearheaded by Barr. Festus Adebayo, an Honorary Member of the Institute and the Founder, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer of the Television Station.

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