Nigeria’s Minister of Housing, Arc. Ahmed Dangiwa, Championing Renewed Hope Agenda on Housing, Reforms, and Reactivation of Abandoned Projects

Taiwo Ajayi
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In a concerted effort to address Nigeria’s housing deficit and revitalize the housing sector, Nigeria’s Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc. Ahmed Dangiwa, is leading a push for housing reforms and the reactivation of abandoned housing projects from the previous government across the country.

This initiative aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s housing renewal agenda, with a focus on providing affordable housing solutions for Nigerians.

Since assuming office, Dangiwa, alongside his deputy, Hon. Abdullahi T. Gwarzo, has spearheaded efforts to address the issue of abandoned housing projects. A committee has been established to ensure these projects are brought back to life and made available at affordable rates, particularly for those in need of housing.


This renewed focus on housing development is expected to transform the narrative surrounding housing in Nigeria as Dangiwa aims to make significant strides in the renewal of housing projects across the country from this month of April. Plans are also underway to ensure that these abandoned houses are either acquired by state governments for their citizens or purchased by individuals.

The housing minister has said at various times that these projects would be on his priority list, and we can report that he is already engaging Governors on where these estates are located, how the housing projects will be taken over and he has also opened sales for Nigerians who are interested in owning these houses to come forward and it can be reported that these projects are not by any way abandoned because in the next few weeks, some of them will be taken over by subscribers.

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The Minister’s commitment to addressing abandoned projects by the previous government was evident during his familiarization visit to project sites recently where he emphasized the government’s stance against abandoned projects and reiterated the need for serious developers and contractors to deliver on their commitments.

On several occasions, experts within the housing sector have lauded the Minister and his deputy for their proactive approach to rejuvenating the housing sector. They have urged them to stay focused and continue their efforts to promote housing development for all Nigerians.

Since assuming office, Dangiwa has prioritized creating an enabling environment for increased private-sector participation in housing development. He has also established the presidential housing reform committees to unlock the sector’s massive potential for inclusive economic growth. These committees are being steered by Industry Captains and Professionals, and they are rounding up their work with excellent reports and recommendations that will change the story of housing in Nigeria. They include the Housing Institutions Reform Task Team, the Multi-Agency Project Delivery Team, the Land Reform Task Team, and the Building Materials Manufacturing Hubs Task Team, and are poised to revolutionize the housing sector in Nigeria.

In the span of nine months, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, being an industry professional himself, has matched his words with actions undertaking significant initiatives aimed at addressing Nigeria’s housing challenges and promoting urban development. Some of these initiatives include an increased budgetary allocation for slum transformation and housing construction, a diaspora mortgage housing scheme, public-private partnerships, enhanced performance of agencies under the ministry, legislative reforms, and the launching of the Renewed Hope Cities and Estates programme under President Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda for housing and urban development with a target to create millions of jobs for Nigerians across the country.

Recent appointments, such as the new Managing Director for the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Shehu Osidi, and the leadership of the Federal Housing Authority under Hon. Tunji Ojo, signal a step in the right direction. Plans are underway to make the National Housing Fund more accessible to workers, while collaboration with state governments and the National Assembly aims to bolster land acquisition and amend relevant housing legislation.

Looking at the performance of the newly appointed executives, CEOs of Parastatals, by him, the Managing Director of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Osidi, who has been part of FMBN for many years and is therefore conversant with the problems of the place, has since resumed duty. He has been engaging staff, management, experts, and stakeholders in moving the organization forward. He has even made a move to engage the National Assembly in the reviewing of the FMBN Act. Additionally, he has been in touch with the Central Bank of Nigeria on how the bank would get the necessary support in the performance of its mandatory responsibilities.

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Dangiwa has stated on various occasions that transparency shall be his watchword. Also, Hon. Tunji Ojo, the newly appointed managing director of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), has also visited over 20 states, and there has been a promise of land allocation. Looking at the performance of the FHA Boss, so far, it is crystal clear that he is also ready for the business of transforming the Federal Housing Authority. No wonder why he has said that he is working very hard in engaging the National Assembly, ensuring that the FHA Act is amended so that it can make the necessary impacts in delivering houses for Nigeria.

The Minister’s initiatives have garnered widespread support from stakeholders in the housing industry. Many commend his efforts, particularly his commitment to revitalizing abandoned housing projects as a cost-effective strategy to address Nigeria’s housing deficit. This approach reflects a concerted effort to make efficient use of existing resources and tackle housing challenges sustainably.

Dangiwa’s proactive leadership and focus on housing reforms are poised to reshape the housing landscape in Nigeria, promote urban development, foster partnerships for sustainable solutions, and provide much-needed relief to millions of Nigerians in need of affordable and decent housing options. His initiatives underscore a commitment to achieving tangible results and improving the quality of life for Nigerians nationwide.

Report Independently Compiled by Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN) for the month of April, 2024.

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