Lagos-Calabar coastal Rail line- HDAN Urges Minister to Engage Stakeholders to minimise demolition

Taiwo Ajayi
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David Umahi

The Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN) extends its commendation to the President and the Federal Government for their commitment to infrastructure development, particularly the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Rail Line project.

This initiative represents a significant step towards enhancing transportation and connectivity along the coastal regions, demonstrating the government’s dedication to national development.

However, amidst the commendation, HDAN recognizes the concerns raised by stakeholders regarding the potential impact of the Coastal Road project on communities along its path.

The proposed alignment of the project has sparked controversy, particularly in Lagos State, where alterations to the original plan have raised apprehensions among residents and property owners.


HDAN shares the concerns expressed by affected communities, emphasizing the importance of engaging stakeholders and professionals to mitigate potential damages. The proposed alignment, which could lead to the demolition of over 500 houses from Alpha Beach to Epe, poses significant challenges to the welfare and livelihoods of affected individuals and families.

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“The insistence on demolishing over 500 houses between Alpha Beach and our estate is not just a financial disaster but ruinous,” stated a representative from one of the community. “It appears the contractors are just blasting through to capture funds for commercial reasons. Nothing about the current alignment makes sense on a social, environmental, and welfare level. It does not even make sense on a national interest level.”

HDAN urges the Minister to reconsider the alignment and explore alternative options that prioritize social, environmental, and welfare considerations. The network emphasizes the need for a more sensible approach that minimizes damages while advancing the objectives of the Coastal Road project.

As part of the federal government’s infrastructure development plan, the Coastal Road project aims to enhance transportation and connectivity across the country. However, the current controversy underscores the importance of engaging with affected communities and stakeholders to ensure a mutually beneficial solution.

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Efforts to reach the Ministry of Works for comments on the issue were unsuccessful at the time of this report. HDAN calls on the government to initiate dialogue and engagement with all relevant parties to address concerns and find sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by the Coastal Road project.

Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable housing development and advocating for the welfare of communities across Nigeria. With a focus on social, environmental, and welfare considerations, HDAN works to address challenges and facilitate solutions in the housing sector.

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