Oba Abdul-Rasaki Famuyiwa Praises Lafarge’s Enormous Contribution to The Community

Taiwo Ajayi
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In commemoration of its 2023 Community Day Celebration, Lafarge Africa Plc., a leading building and innovative solutions company, has initiated several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects across its host communities nationwide.

This annual celebration reflects Lafarge Africa’s commitment to sustainable business practices in Nigeria and its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

The company, operating in Ashaka (Gombe State), Mfamosing (Cross Rivers State), and Ewekoro (Ogun State), celebrated the Community Day across all these locations. In Ewekoro, where the Onipapa of Papalanto Land, HRM, Oba Abdul-Rasaki Famuyiwa, lauded the positive impact of these projects, several initiatives were launched after meticulous planning and collaboration with the community.

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In an exclusive interview with MARY NNAH, Oba Famuyiwa discussed the transformative impact of Lafarge Africa’s projects in Papalanto and the broader Ewekoro communities.

Background and Community Development:
Oba Famuyiwa, the Onipapa of Papalanto, shared insights into his background, emphasizing his roots and commitment to community development. Born and raised in Papalanto, Oba Famuyiwa highlighted his educational and career journey, emphasizing his role in the community’s growth.

Lafarge’s Positive Impact:
The Onipapa acknowledged Lafarge Africa’s significant role in transforming Papalanto and surrounding areas. He expressed gratitude for the company’s contributions, highlighting infrastructural development, job creation, and educational initiatives. Oba Famuyiwa, whose family has a longstanding association with Lafarge, attested to the positive influence of the company on the community.

Projects Overview:
Providing an overview of the projects executed by Lafarge Africa Plc., Oba Famuyiwa detailed initiatives ranging from skills training for community members to educational support, health center improvements, and infrastructure development. The company’s efforts were recognized in areas such as Wasinmi Alafia, Elebute, Alagutan, Egbado Ajegunle, Itori, Olapeleke, Okeoko Egbado, and more.

Challenges and Fair Resource Allocation:
The Onipapa acknowledged challenges and emphasized the need for fair resource allocation based on community population. While commending Lafarge’s efforts, he called for a strategic consideration of community sizes to ensure equitable project distribution.

Addressing Negative Perceptions:
Oba Famuyiwa addressed negative perceptions within some sections of the community, attributing them to potential mismanagement of project funds. He emphasized the importance of constructive communication and discouraged associating internal community issues with Lafarge.

Positive Outlook and Invitation for Investors:
Expressing optimism about the community’s future, Oba Famuyiwa welcomed investors to Ewekoro, assuring a conducive and secure environment. He dispelled rumors about restrictions on visitors, emphasizing Papalanto’s openness to investment.

The interview provided a comprehensive perspective on Lafarge Africa’s contributions to community development, reflecting the positive impact of CSR initiatives on Ewekoro’s growth and well-being.

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