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Landmark Group Plans Investments in Other States and African Countries Following Lagos Beach Demolition

The management of Landmark Beach Resort has announced plans to pursue investment

Okey Ikechukwu Okey Ikechukwu

Unraveling the Burden of Real Estate Developers in Lagos as HDAN Advocates for Reform

The Nigerian national housing policy (1991) envisioned an era of accessible land

Olivia Pressman Olivia Pressman

Lagos State Affirms Lekki Corridor Zoned for Agriculture, Not Housing Development

The Lagos State government has stated that the Lekki corridor, initially zoned

Chinwe Okafor Chinwe Okafor

Commissioner Explains Lagos State’s Decision to Relocate Squatters to Their Home States

The Lagos State Government has attributed the recent demolition of structures under

Chinwe Okafor Chinwe Okafor

Lagos Authorities Give Illegal Squatters 48 Hours to Vacate FG Ikoyi Towers

Lagos State Government has issued a 48 hours ultimatum to illegal squatters

Adewole Kehinde Adewole Kehinde

Lagos Commits to Affordable Housing, Enhanced Infrastructure in Alimosho Local Council

In a bid to enhance the lives of residents and foster sustainable,

Taiwo Ajayi Taiwo Ajayi

Three-Storey Building Collapses in Lagos Amid Heavy Rainfall

Amidst a heavy downpour on Thursday, a three-storey building located at Ita

Taiwo Ajayi Taiwo Ajayi

How to Get Building Plan Approval in Lagos and Avoid Demolition

At a time in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, when spate of

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