Tinubu extolls Wike’s leadership virtues, Inaugurates key projects

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Tinubu extolls Wike's leadership virtues, Inaugurates key projects

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Tuesday poured encomiums on Nyesom Wike, the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, FCT as he inaugurated the Southern Parkway expressway which stretched from National Christian Centre to Ring Road I (Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway) in the Nigeria’s capital city now named after him.

The inauguration of the road for public use in Abuja on Tuesday was part of activities to celebrate Tinubu’s one year in office.

While inaugurating the road, the highly elated Tinubu thanked Wike, whom he referred to as ‘landlord’ for the honour of naming the expressway after him.

“I will not say that I am surprised. Nyesom Wike, Mr Project, thank you for giving us this hope, and sincere commitment to shared value.

“Well done; as a team leader, you work so hard and tirelessly.

“The changes you made to the FCT – structural and administrative – are yielding results and elevating the hearts of many Nigerians, thank you very much.

Tinubu further said: “Today, we are here to mark a significant milestone in the journey of our nation towards progress and development.

“Once again, our dear landlord, Wike, thank you for bringing life back to our Federal Capital Territory.

“The completion of the Southern Parkway underscores our commitment to inclusive and sustainable development, as we strive to build a world-class capital city.”

The president said that his administration recognised infrastructure as an enabler of jobs, economic development, and prosperity and expressed confidence of achieving all in no distant time.

He added that the needs of Nigerian citizens were paramount to his administration, “so for making our citizens the central focus of our development, we believe Nigeria will succeed.


“As we formally inaugurated this road, I am greatly honoured, I heard him mentioning my name as the beneficiary.

“Thank you very much. Thank you for being a very good team leader, we all collectively will not let you down,” Tinubu said.

Speaking earlier, Wike noted that the development of the Southern Parkway, now Bola Ahmed Tinubu Way, at par with the Northern Parkway, was awarded in December 2010 to Setraco Nigeria Ltd. at N16.23 billion.

He added that the cost of the project was later revised to N35.76 billion in March 2021 due to changes in scope and other economic indices.

He explained that the road would provide freeway access and connectivity to the Southern development flank of the city as provided in the Abuja Master Plan.

“I am happy that the project is now completed in line with the “Renewed Hope” agenda of Mr. President, which will enhance traffic circulation around the city centre, thereby, reducing delays in travel time.

“It will also complement the developed portion of the Northern Parkway by easing the traffic congestion experienced in the Southern Districts of Garki, Gudu, and Durumi.

“The road will also accelerate the development of the Southern axis of the city in general, thereby, bringing improved socio-economic benefits to residents and visitors to the city.

“It is in this regard and for many other patriotic persuasions that the FCT Administration hereby humbly resolved that this very important road be named the ‘Bola Ahmed Tinubu Way’,” wike said.

Earlier, Mr Shehu Ahmed, Executive Secretary, Federal Capital Territory said that the road was 5.4 km, made up of two main carriageways of four lanes each, and two service carriageways of two lanes each, making a total of 12 lanes.

“It also includes the construction of four interchanges, with eight bridges in addition to other facilities. It traverses the city centre, linking the outer fringes and inner portions of the city expressways.

“It is expected to optimise vehicular movement between developed sectors in the southern part of the city with the Central Area of the federal capital city,” he said.

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