“We don’t need one million Naira, we need a good economy ” Nigerians tell NLC

Taiwo Ajayi
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By Sylvester Kwentua

Nigerians have voiced out there opinions on the intention of the National Labour Congress, NLC, to push the federal and state governments to pay workers a minimum wage of 1 Million Naira, if the economic challenges in the country are not addressed.

The National Labour Congress recently issued a warning, that they may look at the possibilities of demanding a whopping ₦1 million minimum wage per month, if the Nigeria’s economic woes persist.

In a blunt interview with a sister media house on Sunday, NLC President Joe Ajaero painted a grim picture of escalating inflation and a depreciating Naira, emphasizing that they were directly impacting on wage demands.

However, in a voxpop with HousingTV Africa, many Nigerians kicked against the 1 million Naira demands of the NLC, with many of them fearing it may lead to more money inflations.

Taiwo Aderibigbe, an auditor with a private firm in Ikoyi, Lagos, despite appreciating the efforts of the NLC, wants them to be reasonable in there demands.

“1 million Naira? For what now? These people need financial guidance, because it is obvious they don’t know anything about money. I am happy that at least a group is standing up to fight for Nigerians, but they should do it reasonably. Increasing the wage to 1 million Naira will only add more inflation.” Taiwo lectured.

Susan Okorocha, a private university lecturer, feels the salary should not be a major concern, but rather the cost of living in the country.

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“Even if they like, they should increase salary to 2 million Naira, if the economy is still bad, the money won’t be enough. The NLC that is shouting protest, please can you tell me when they have successfully led a protest in Nigeria, since the APC came to power.” Susan asked.

However, it is pertinent to note that the demand for a million Naira minimum wage, is not the only demand the NLC is making, as they are also asking the governments at various levels to work on improving the living conditions of Nigerians, amongst other demands.

Recall that leaders of NLC and TUC ( Trade Union Congress), had on February 8, issued a 14 day strike notice to the Federal Government effective February 9.

They expressed disgust that despite organized labour’s efforts at ensuring industrial peace, the government seemed unperturbed over the mass suffering and hardship across the country.

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