A Year Dominated by Building Collapses and Demolitions in Lagos and Beyond in 2023

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Amidst the ongoing economic challenges in Nigeria, the massive demolitions taking place in Lagos have become a significant point of concern, with implications for both residents and the economy. This year alone, over 677 houses were completely demolished in Festac Town, highlighting the scale of the issue.

The frequency of demolitions, coupled with building collapses, is viewed as a potential economic leakage. These actions not only displace occupants but also contradict the government’s efforts to reduce the housing deficit in the country.

In specific areas like Ajao Estate and Banana Island, numerous properties have been affected, raising questions about the safety and integrity of structures in well-known neighborhoods. The impact on residents goes beyond physical displacement, encompassing psychological and physiological trauma.

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Experts in the built environment express frustration over what they perceive as a lack of political will by the government to address the root causes of these incidents. Despite the efforts of organizations like the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) to regulate and prevent illegal constructions, challenges persist.

The recent demolitions in the Abulado axis of Amuwo-Odofin have added to the controversy, with discrepancies between official figures and on-the-ground assessments. Stakeholders criticize the government’s approach, questioning the timing of stakeholders’ meetings and accusing the media of exaggerating figures.

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As the debate continues, concerns grow about the overall safety and stability of buildings in Lagos. The need for effective regulation, oversight, and collaboration between government bodies and stakeholders in the construction sector becomes increasingly evident.

The government’s role in ensuring the enforcement of building guidelines and holding accountable those responsible for irregularities is crucial for the well-being of residents and the economic stability of the region.

Source: Sun Newspaper

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