Afreximbank Commits to Funding Crucial Enugu Development Project

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In a recent visit to the Government House in Enugu, Prof. Benedict Oramah, the President of Afreximbank, highlighted the institution’s keen interest in Enugu State’s progress. This interest, as stated by Oramah, was fueled by the visionary leadership of Mr. Mbah and his remarkable efforts within the state.

During this encounter, Oramah praised Mbah’s investment and development initiatives, aligning them with Afreximbank’s broader goals for advancing African growth. He emphasized the interconnectedness between Nigeria’s success and the continent’s overall development, affirming that positive strides in Nigeria invariably benefit Africa.

Expressing gratitude for the collaborative discussions held previously in Cairo regarding Enugu’s developmental priorities, Oramah commended Mbah’s strategic vision for leveraging sub-national contributions to propel national and continental aspirations.

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Highlighting specific areas for collaboration, Oramah revealed plans to support ongoing projects such as the hotel, Conference Centre, and the new terminal at the airport. He emphasized the pivotal role of the airport in establishing an agro-processing zone, underscoring its significance in regional economic growth.

Furthermore, Oramah expressed interest in the healthcare sector, citing plans for an African Medical Centre of Excellence in Abuja and indicating a potential collaboration with Enugu’s medical center. Additionally, he noted Afreximbank’s inclination toward contributing to the development of solid minerals in the state.

Recognizing the importance of infrastructural connectivity, Oramah acknowledged joint efforts in road projects linking Enugu to Cameroon. To expedite these initiatives, he proposed establishing a preparation facility to facilitate the development of feasible intervention plans.

The visit signaled Afreximbank’s commitment to fostering Enugu State’s holistic development across multiple sectors, cementing a promising partnership to drive sustainable growth in the region.

Source: Nairameterics

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