Africa International Housing Show: Transforming Lives, Boosting Economy Over 17 Years

Taiwo Ajayi
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The Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) has become a beacon of hope for many, transforming lives and fueling economic growth over its 17-year history.

With its 18th edition scheduled for July 22nd to 25th 2024, the AIHS continues to create opportunities for youths and skilled workers across the continent.

One of the most notable impacts of the AIHS is its role in job creation. The event serves as a catalyst for employment across various sectors, providing opportunities for printers, designers, carpenters, and other skilled workers. Participants in the AIHS engage these professionals for various tasks before, during, and after the event, ensuring a steady source of income for many individuals.


AIHS also fosters a vibrant business environment, facilitating numerous transactions in the areas of sales and partnerships. Over the years, the event has facilitated transactions reaching over 500 billion, with participants hailing from more than 21 countries. Representatives from esteemed organizations such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, USA, Canada, UAE, and UK also grace the event, highlighting its global significance.

The economic ripple effect of AIHS extends beyond the event venue, with hotels in the central area of Abuja experiencing full occupancy during the show. Airlines report fully booked flights to Abuja from various locations, as attendees flock to the city to participate in this prestigious event. Many state commissioners and representatives of state governments are regular participants, further underscoring the event’s importance in the policy and decision-making landscape.

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The AIHS has also garnered praise from notable figures, including former ministers and government officials. Former Minister for the Federal Capital Territory, Mohammed Bello, has on several occasions commended the organizers for their exemplary work in advancing the housing sector.

The event boasts an impressive lineup of participants, including ministers for housing from Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Cameroon, representatives of ministers from Liberia, and many other countries. With not less than 400 exhibitors, 10,000 participants and 40,000 visitors overall, the AIHS continues to serve as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and growth in the housing sector.

As the 18th edition draw near, the Africa International Housing Show remains committed to creating even more opportunities for youth empowerment and skills development. As it continues to evolve and grow, the AIHS stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving socio-economic progress across Africa.

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