Cement: Here’s why BUA backed down on price crash to N3,500/bag

Taiwo Ajayi
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BUA Cement

In a surprising turn of events, BUA Cement, after initially reducing prices, has opted to raise them again, reversing the initial relief felt by consumers.

This abrupt change has reignited concerns over the affordability of cement, a vital building material for countless projects across Nigeria.

The initial price reduction by BUA Cement was met with optimism, offering a glimmer of hope for consumers grappling with rising costs. However, the subsequent decision to hike prices has dashed these hopes and raised questions about the company’s pricing strategy.


The fluctuation in cement prices has sparked worry among consumers, especially those in the construction industry, where cement is a fundamental component.

Many had anticipated that the initial price reduction would pave the way for more accessible and affordable construction materials, stimulating growth in the sector. However, the reversal of this trend has left stakeholders dismayed and uncertain about the future.

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The affordability of cement is a critical issue, particularly in a country where the cost of living continues to rise, and access to affordable housing remains a challenge. The sudden reversal in pricing by BUA Cement highlights the fragility of the market and underscores the need for stability and transparency in pricing policies.

As consumers and industry players grapple with the implications of BUA Cement’s price hike, there is a growing call for greater accountability and dialogue between cement manufacturers and stakeholders. The affordability of essential building materials like cement is essential for sustainable development and economic growth, making it imperative for all parties to work together to address these concerns.

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