Cement Price Surge in Nigeria Sparks Search for Alternatives Amid Abandoned Projects

Taiwo Ajayi
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Architects (nia), Mobolaji Adeniyi

The recent surge in cement prices in Nigeria has rattled many, leading to a spate of abandoned construction projects across the country.

Despite assurances from manufacturers to maintain prices between N7,000 and N8,000 per bag, cement is currently selling for between N10,000 and N13,000, depending on the region.

During a meeting with cement and building materials’ manufacturers, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, issued a stern warning, indicating the government’s readiness to open borders for mass cement importation if prices continue to skyrocket. Dangiwa emphasized the government’s efforts to empower local production and ensure affordability for consumers.


In Nigeria’s cement manufacturing landscape, major players include Dangote, Lafarge, BUA, Ibeto, and UniCem. Despite the availability of raw materials, cement remains out of reach for many, exacerbating the construction industry’s challenges.

To mitigate the impact of soaring cement prices, builders and professionals in the construction sector are exploring alternatives such as stabilised earth blocks (burnt bricks), red bricks, timber, and fibre blocks. These alternatives offer cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, providing relief amidst the cement price crisis.

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President of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), Mobolaji Adeniyi, emphasized the importance of reducing dependency on foreign goods and implementing Executive Order 5 to bolster the construction sector. Honorary Secretary of NIA, Arc Chike Ibeanu, highlighted transportation costs as a significant factor contributing to the price hike and emphasized the need for research and innovation in partnership with institutions.

Builders and site contractors, including Cornelius Agu and Kachukwu Nwoji, voiced concerns over the impact of rising cement prices on project viability, urging immediate action from the government to address the crisis. With projects at risk of abandonment and costs escalating, stakeholders are calling for urgent interventions to stabilize the market and explore sustainable alternatives to cement.

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As Nigeria grapples with the challenges posed by soaring cement prices, the search for viable alternatives underscores the resilience and innovation within the construction sector, signaling a determination to overcome obstacles and drive progress in building infrastructure across the nation.

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