Building Collapse Prevention Guild Raises Alarm Over Surging Building Material Prices

Taiwo Ajayi
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The Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG) has sounded the alarm regarding the soaring prices of building materials, warning that it could lead to a surge in substandard construction practices and exacerbate building collapses across the country.

Speaking during the BCPG Lagos State chapter sensitisation walks themed “Walking towards Zero Building Collapses,” National President Sulaimon Yusuf expressed deep concerns over the potential consequences of escalating building material costs.

Yusuf cautioned, “The anticipated increase in building material costs, including cement, fittings, and labor wages, may compel builders to resort to cost-cutting measures, resulting in a proliferation of substandard goods and the engagement of unqualified artisans.”


Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Yusuf emphasized the need for proactive measures to address the emerging challenges. He called upon government agencies such as the Ministry of Physical Planning and the Office of Urban Development to intensify efforts in enforcing building standards and supporting research on local building materials.

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“The Standard Organisation of Nigeria must rigorously ensure that only quality building materials are available in the market,” Yusuf urged, stressing the importance of stringent quality control measures.

Moreover, Yusuf underscored the impact of the depreciating value of the naira on building material prices, urging the government to invest in vocational training programs for youths in the built environment and provide scholarships to encourage participation in related fields.

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In addition, he recommended a review of regulatory fees, urging the government to prioritize regulation over revenue generation to incentivize compliance and foster a culture of adherence to building standards.

“The government must adopt progressive taxation principles for revenue generation, akin to practices in more developed nations,” Yusuf concluded, advocating for a holistic approach to address the challenges facing the construction industry.

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