Climate Experts Decry Political Interference in Ecological Funds Allocation

Taiwo Ajayi
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Climate experts have raised concerns over the politicization of the allocation of ecological funds, stating that it undermines efforts to tackle environmental challenges such as flooding.

Ukange Ichivirbee, the Head of Grants and Partnership and Climate Change Thematic Lead at the Women Environmental Programme, highlighted that the ecological fund is a crucial financial mechanism designated by the Nigerian government to address environmental and climate change-related issues across all levels of government in the country.


However, the allocation of these funds is often influenced by political considerations, leading to resources being directed to politically connected states or projects rather than areas with the greatest need.

This, according to Ichivirbee, hampers the effectiveness and fairness of flood management efforts in Nigeria.

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One of the major issues highlighted is the lack of transparency in the allocation and utilization of ecological funds, particularly by state governments.

Decision-making processes regarding the funds often lack openness, and information about fund disbursement, project selection, and implementation progress is not readily available to the public.

This opacity creates opportunities for corruption and undermines public trust.

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To address these challenges, Ichivirbee emphasized the need for concerted efforts to strengthen governance, enhance transparency and accountability, and involve the public in monitoring and evaluating the use of ecological funds in Nigeria.

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