Easter Celebration Brings Hope Amid Housing Deficits in Nigeria-HDAN

Taiwo Ajayi
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As Christians around the world celebrate Easter, marking the remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the issue of homelessness casts a shadow over this great celebration in Nigeria.

Despite the joyful spirit marking the religious holiday, many Nigerians find themselves without shelter, struggling to survive on the streets.

In Nigeria’s cosmopolitan cities; Abuja, Kano, and Lagos, the homeless population continues to increase, driven by inadequate infrastructure, a shortage of decent accommodations, economic hardships, urban migration, and inadequate social support systems.


The high inflation rate has further deepened this crisis, leaving more individuals displaced and vulnerable.

As Christians gather to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, some organizations and communities are using this occasion to shed light on the plight of the homeless. Churches, mosques, and charitable groups are mobilizing efforts to provide food, clothing, and shelter to those in need.

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The “Easter Shelter Drive” is a remarkable initiative in this period, organized by local NGOs like HDAN in collaboration with religious institutions.

Volunteers have distributed blankets, mosquito nets, and beds, and some have also prepared makeshift homes in various neighborhoods.

This initiative has provided great relief in the moment of struggle for the homeless and the under-sheltered.

Nonetheless, activists and advocates emphasize that these temporary measures are not enough to address the root causes of homelessness in Nigeria. Speaking to us over the phone, the president of the Den Foundation, Miss Vivian Etikuo, one of the NGOs extending their support to the homeless and the under-sheltered in Enugu, emphasized that this is a prevalent problem that urgently needs to be tackled.

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Miss Etikuo also called on both state and non-state actors to intervene, advocating for affordable housing programs, job creation initiatives, and mental health support services.

One advocate, a social worker involved in outreach in Abuja, Mr. Adeola Adeyemi, who spoke with our reporters, said, “We cannot ignore the suffering of our fellow Nigerians, especially during this time of reflection and renewal.”

Despite these challenges, there is a glimmer of hope as communities come together to support the most vulnerable members of society.

This Easter, amidst the darkness of homelessness exacerbated by high inflation and rapid urban sprawl, Nigerians are striving to embody the spirit of love, faith, and compassion.

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