Edo Property Chief Urges Nigerian States to Prioritize Land Accessibility for Affordable Housing

Taiwo Ajayi
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John Zedomi
The Managing Director of Edo State Development and Property Corporation, John Zedomi, has called on state governments to broaden their scope beyond mere land provision and prioritize the establishment of an enabling environment for its accessibility.

In a conversation with Housing TV Africa, Zedomi emphasized the importance of providing essential services to resolve land disputes and enhance efforts aimed at achieving affordable and accessible housing in the country.

“There’s a lot of responsibility on state governors to not just provide land but also create an enabling environment for that land to be accessed.

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“So the first thing would be to actually title that land, map it out properly. Provide necessary services because these lands are usually acquired from the people. Pay compensation…do all of these things, prepare the land, then you can now give it out to citizens of the state, give it to developers, most and generally also to the private sector investors who can now develop it or give it out for others to buy,” Zedomi asserted.

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