Electricity Consumers in South-East Nigeria Plan Protest Against Poor Service and Billing Practices

Taiwo Ajayi
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The Anambra State government has issued an order for the demolition of two four-storey buildings situated on Amobi Street in Onitsha South Local Government Area.

This action is in response to the risk of imminent collapse posed by the structures, following a series of building collapses in the area that resulted in casualties.

Reports indicate that the two buildings, intended to house over 800 shops for commercial purposes, have already been paid for by traders.


However, concerns arose due to the use of poor and substandard materials in their construction, leading to the collapse of the decked portion of one of the buildings.

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During an inspection of the site, Chairman of Onitsha South Local Government Area, Chief Emeka Orji, expressed dismay over the continuation of construction work despite a previous order by the state government to halt the project. He noted that the buildings were marked for demolition, but the owners allegedly removed the marks and resumed business activities at the ground floor.

Orji also observed that the contractors had begun constructing slabs for the fifth floor, in defiance of the demolition order. He emphasized the need to prioritize the safety of residents, stating, “The two buildings must go down in the next two days…to save the lives of our people and avert possible deaths and casualties.”

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The chairman highlighted the state government’s directive that all building plans must receive personal approval from Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo before construction. He noted that these two buildings did not have the governor’s approval, indicating a violation of the regulatory process.

In recent months, Onitsha has experienced several building collapses, resulting in fatalities.

The state government has been proactive in addressing these incidents, clearing debris and taking over the affected lands to prevent further tragedies.

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