FCTA Launches Aggressive Campaign to Eradicate Illegal Settlements and Boost Security in Capital

Taiwo Ajayi
2 Min Read

In a bold move to tackle rising insecurity, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is embarking on a comprehensive initiative to eliminate all unauthorized settlements and shanties across the nation’s capital.

The Department of Development Control, under the FCTA, has issued directives for officers to compile a thorough list of informal settlements for verification, emphasizing the need to identify and address potential havens for criminal activities.

Mukhtar Galadima, Director of Development Control, revealed this strategy during the recent removal of shanties and shops in Durumi 1. This proactive measure aligns with the broader vision of the administration to fortify security and promote organized development within the FCT.

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Galadima emphasized, “Given the escalating insecurity in the FCT, our mandate is to clear all shanties and squatter settlements. This aligns with the directive from the FCT Administration. The exercise extends beyond the city center, starting from the center and expanding outward. Our new approach involves handing over cleared areas to responsible agencies, holding them accountable for maintaining security and order.”

This initiative marks a significant step towards ensuring the safety and systematic development of the Federal Capital Territory.

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