Wike Directs Demolition of Informal Settlements at Kabusa Junction

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Wike directs the Demolition of kabusa junction

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) demolition exercise has reached the Kabusa area of the satellite town of Abuja. Reports have confirmed the demolition of shanties at the Kabusa roundabout around Dutse District of the FCT in line with the directives of the Minister, Nyesome Wike.

The Minister of the FCT, Nyesome Wike, has again upheld his promise to demolish shanties and illegal structures in Abuja. On Monday, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), under the directives of Wike, demolished shanties at Kabusa Junction in Dutse District, Abuja.

As reported, the demolition exercise was led by the FCTA Department of Development Control director, Mukhtar Galadima.

While speaking to journalists during the operation, Mukhtar Galadima mentioned that the demolition was necessary to sanitise the area and also commence the construction of an overhead bridge as there is already a set-aside plan to build an overhead bridge in the areas where the shanties have taken over.

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He revealed that the shanties have begun to increase and have negatively affected the serenity of the environment as the demolition exercise was also fulfilling the FCT minister’s promise and directives to eliminate illegal structures and shanties that are distorting the master plan of the nation’s capital.

He said: “The removal of the shanties is in continuation of our commitment to sanitize the city and make the environment healthy.

“Kabusa is constituting an eye sore for people coming into the city because of the shanties that occupied most parts of the junction.

“The area is reserved for an inter-change and with time, there will be an overhead bridge that will connect ring road two and the outer southern expressway.” He also revealed that construction of the overhead bridge would soon commence, noting that it would start from the Galadima roundabout.

Galadima said: “We are starting from this point to Galadima roundabout. When we chase away illegal occupants in the area, we will come up with a plan that will accommodate all the traders in an organised manner.”

He further revealed that more illegal structures and shanties will be demolished to ensure proper infrastructural development.

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