FCTA Ready to Collaborate on Affordable Housing Projects in Abuja

Taiwo Ajayi
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Alpha Villa Estate

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has committed to collaborating on affordable housing projects in the FCT, urging developers to undertake more infrastructural projects aligning with President Tinubu’s seven-point agenda.

Dr. Andrew Tso, the Assistant Director of Urban and Regional Planning at the FCDA, made this known during an interview at the groundbreaking ceremony of Alpha Villa Estate, an initiative by Belzalel Homes, a real estate company in Abuja.

He emphasized the importance of shelter as one of man’s most crucial needs, alongside food and clothing, stating that the present administration has a core mandate to provide affordable housing for the growing population.


“The administration is committed to providing renewed hope and is also spreading ethics through a recently launched book, which will be disseminated across Nigeria,” he said.

Dr. Tso commended the initiative of young men coming together to start a housing estate to address the accommodation deficits in the FCT, noting that the estate stands out for its serene and beautiful environment.

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In a related development, the FCT Commissioner of Police, Mr. Bernard Igwe, praised the safety and habitability of the FCT during his tenure, encouraging more developers to build houses to address housing deficits and deter crime.

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“I have always come to this area for surveillance. One day, I saw people working here and I stopped to encourage what they are doing. If we have more buildings in the FCT, there would be no hideouts for miscreants,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zirindza Dauda, CEO of Alpha Villa (Belzalel Homes), applauded the FCT Minister’s commitment to maintaining quality and standard structures, setting a good example for buildings in Abuja.

“We are open to partnering and working with the Minister because this is just our first estate.

We are going to build more and will be very happy to work with the Minister on his development strides and his zeal to make FCT work again,” he remarked.

As government presence is evident in the area, Mr. Dauda expressed readiness to collaborate with the government to realize President Tinubu’s seven-point agenda for affordable housing in Nigeria.

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