Lagos Removes Shanties and Squatters Under Ijora Bridge

Taiwo Ajayi
2 Min Read

In a decisive move to enhance public safety and maintain urban order, the Lagos State Government has initiated the demolition of illegal shanties and dislodgment of squatters beneath the Ijora bridge.

Following a prior five-day quit notice, the government, led by Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, took action to address the security risks associated with the presence of unauthorized structures and occupants in the area.

Expressing concern over the potential dangers posed by mini buses, block moulders, fuel sellers, and miscreants occupying the space under the bridge, Wahab emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of the Lagos Blue Line corridor.

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The enforcement team, led by ACP Bayo Sulaiman under the directive of Governor Jide Sanwoolu, commenced the dislodgment process, removing shanties and clearing the area to restore order and safety.

This proactive measure not only signifies the government’s dedication to urban development but also emphasizes its commitment to safeguarding public spaces and essential infrastructure.

The ongoing operation serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to safety regulations for the well-being of all residents in Lagos State.

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