Lagos State Plans Demolition of $200 Million Landmark Beach Resort for Coastal Highway Project

Taiwo Ajayi
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In a contentious move, the Lagos State government has issued a demolition notice to Landmark Beach Resort, a prominent tourist spot, as part of its efforts to pave the way for a new coastal highway.

The owner of the resort, Paul Onwuanibe, received the notice in late March, sparking concerns about the potential negative impacts on tourism and investment.

The Lagos government argues that the resort is situated within the designated right-of-way for the first phase of the ambitious 700-kilometer Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project.

Onwuanibe contends that the resort, valued at over $200 million, hosts more than 80 businesses and provides direct employment to over 4,000 individuals.


He emphasizes its substantial annual tax contribution of more than N2 billion to the state and its role in attracting approximately a million visitors, both local and international, annually.

Expressing disappointment, Onwuanibe demands compensation for the potential demolition, pointing out that he had purchased the land before the highway plans were unveiled. He fears that such actions could discourage future investments in Lagos, especially in the tourism sector.

Reports indicate that the threat of demolition has caused panic among domestic and international investors of Landmark Beach Resort, with some contemplating withdrawing their investments if the resort is indeed demolished. Onwuanibe underscores the critical role of the beach in the resort’s ecosystem, warning that its demolition would severely cripple the entire business.

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The Lagos State government maintains that the planned demolition aligns with its agenda to remove “illegal” structures along the highway’s route. Notices were served to owners of affected properties, including Landmark, with announcements regarding the highway project made in mid-March.

The broader project, initiated by the federal government, aims to construct a 700-kilometer coastal highway connecting Lagos to Calabar, traversing nine states with additional spurs leading northwards.

The first phase, covering a distance of 47.47 kilometers, has already commenced construction by Hitech Construction Company Ltd., utilizing concrete pavement.

The dispute between Landmark Beach Resort and the Lagos State government underscores the intricate dynamics of infrastructure development and its potential ramifications on businesses and livelihoods.

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