Lagos Traders Devastated by Alaba Rago Market Demolition for Road Expansion

Okey Ikechukwu
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Lagos Traders Devastated by Alaba Rago Market Demolition for Road Expansion

Traders at the Alaba Rago market in Lagos are facing immense hardship following the unexpected demolition of their shops by the Lagos State Government.

The demolition was conducted to facilitate the expansion of the Lagos-Badagry Express Road, leaving many traders without a means of livelihood.

The demolition, carried out on Monday, June 6, 2024, left traders scrambling to save their goods as rain poured down, adding to their woes. The traders, predominantly rice dealers, struggled to cover their wares with tarpaulins, but strong winds thwarted their efforts, leaving their goods exposed to the elements.

Amidst the chaos, customers still trickled in to purchase grains, while traders, some clad in makeshift raincoats, competed to attract buyers.

Cart pushers, who also relied on the market for their livelihood and shelter, were particularly hard-hit. Many, like Saidu, who had lived in the market for over a decade, found themselves homeless and wandering the streets.

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Opinions among traders varied regarding prior notice of the demolition. Some claimed they were not informed, while others acknowledged being notified since 2021. Alhaji Hamisu, Financial Secretary of Alaba Rago, stated that traders had been aware of the impending demolition and had even proposed to develop the area themselves, but internal conflicts delayed progress.

“No one died during the demolition,” Hamisu confirmed, adding that traders were given time to evacuate their goods. However, trader Abdullahi Sanni disputed the claim of prior notice, stating that many traders were caught off guard and lost their goods.

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The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by traders and residents as urban development projects proceed, often with significant social and economic impacts on local communities.

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