Nigeria: Leading Cement Producer Launches Electric Truck at Lagos Plant

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Nigeria: Leading cement producer launches electric truck at Lagos plant

An industrial company specialising in cement and concrete has introduced an electric truck into its fleet in Nigeria.

Lafarge Africa Plc recently unveiled the truck at its Ewekoro factory in Lagos. “We are excited to announce the introduction of an electric vehicle truck in our supply chain fleet, the first of its kind in Africa!

“This is indeed a groundbreaking step towards reducing our carbon footprint and revolutionising green logistics. “Electronic vehicles are more than just vehicles; they’re pioneers of green mobility, redefining supply chains with their silent, clean and sustainable operation,” the company said that at full charge, the truck is Capable of travelling up to 200km before capable of travelling up to 200km before needing to recharge.

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It hailed the move as “a significant milestone in our sustainability journey with the launch of an Electric Vehicle (EV) truck into our supply chain fleet in partnership with Tolaram.”

Speaking at the launch, Lolu Alade-Akinyemi, CEO Lafarge Africa Plc, said the company is proud to announce the launch of the first-ever Heavy Goods Electric Vehicle (EV) truck in Nigeria. … an achievement that not only highlights our

“… an achievement that not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also solidifies our position as pioneers in the pursuit of environmentally responsible practices within our industry.”

je Africa Logistics Director Osazer Oluwatoyin Aghatise said on LinkedIn: “Ourstrategy on accelerating green mobility will continue to deliver on zero carbon emissions in our supply chain. The goal is to eliminate CO2 emissions in logistics ops.”

Electric truck joins gas- powered trucks in the company fleet In 2017, Lafarge Africa introduced five Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks into its fleet. An additional 50 CNG trucks were introduced into its operations in 2021. At the time, Lafarge said the implementation of the natural gas- powered trucks would improve environmental performance. LNG generates 30% less carbon dioxide I and 45% less than coal. The com of natural gas dissipates much more quickly in the air, leaving no particles or residue.

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