Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers Vows to Combat Building Collapses

Taiwo Ajayi
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In Lagos State, the Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers pledges to collaborate with the government to eradicate building collapses in Nigeria, according to the newly-inaugurated Chairman, Seun Faluyi.

Faluyi emphasized the importance of advocating for safety practices among Nigerians, stressing that safety should never be compromised due to rising costs of construction materials like cement.

He highlighted the need for increased awareness and responsibility among builders and property owners to prioritize safety to prevent loss of lives and resources.

Acknowledging the role of the government in ensuring structural safety, Faluyi emphasized the collective responsibility of individuals and communities in upholding safety standards. He urged for heightened awareness campaigns to educate the public on their safety obligations.

Furthermore, Faluyi underscored the importance of integrating safety considerations into engineering and architectural designs to prevent future disasters.

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During the investiture ceremony, key stakeholders including Oba Otudeko, Dr. Vincent Ebuh, and Margaret Oguntala stressed the significance of prioritizing safety in all aspects of life. They emphasized the joint efforts required from both individuals and the government to safeguard lives and property.

Adeyemi Adetunji, the guest lecturer, highlighted the critical role of safety engineering in minimizing losses, noting that negligence of safety protocols contributes to recurrent building collapses. He urged safety engineers to take proactive measures to mitigate risks and prevent future disasters.

As the newly-appointed Chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers, Faluyi brings a wealth of experience from his role as Director of Projects at Pivot GIS and his leadership in Offshore Dimensions Limited and Uraga Power Solutions Limited, emphasizing his commitment to promoting safety practices in Nigeria.

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