Police Officer Honored with Land for Refusing N150 Million Bribe

Chinwe Okafor
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In a commendable display of integrity, Superintendent of Police (SP) Ibrahim Ezekiel Sini declined a bribe of N150 million from Akintoye Akindele, a Lagos businessman and founder of Platform Capital.

In recognition of his uprightness, SP Sini was awarded a plot of land in Abuja over the weekend.

The presentation was made by the FCT Police Commissioner, CP Benneth Igweh, on behalf of friends and associates. CP Igweh praised SP Sini, stating that his actions have brought pride to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).

Prince Chukwuemeka Okoye, CEO of Vegas Homes and one of the event’s organizers, highlighted SP Sini’s exemplary conduct. He emphasized that Sini’s integrity serves as an inspiration, proving that members of the NPF can stand firm against corruption.

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“SP Sini’s actions not only honor himself and the NPF but inspire countless others to uphold the highest ethical standards,” Okoye stated. “This recognition is meant to appreciate individuals of integrity within the force.”

Okoye further remarked that the event was just one of several planned to commend SP Sini’s discipline, fear of God, and professionalism, qualities demonstrated by his rejection of the substantial bribe.

The case against Akindele involves allegations of fraud, where he reportedly attempted to bribe the police to alter the outcome of an investigation into a petition filed by Summit Oil International Limited. The businessman, who is currently in custody, is accused of swindling the firm out of $5,636,397 and N73,543,764.

SP Sini explained that his decision to reject the bribe stemmed from a desire to maintain peace of mind, uphold the core values of the NPF, and preserve his family’s integrity.

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This event reinforces the message that the Nigerian Police Force values integrity and professional conduct, highlighting the potential for officers to engage in meaningful policing and serve as worthy examples.

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