Reasons Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) Must Move to a Bigger Venue

Taiwo Ajayi
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Africa’s largest housing and construction exhibition and conference, the Africa International Housing Show is set to take place in a bigger venue than the International Conference Center (ICC) in Abuja, Nigeria.

Some of the reasons the Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) must move to a larger venue include the rapid growth in participation, limitations in space at the current venue (ICC), an opportunity presented by the closure of ICC for renovations, the necessity for enhanced facilities, and the aim to ensure smooth operations and accessibility for all attendees.

Over the years, the AIHS has experienced rapid growth, evolving from just 20 exhibitors to now accommodating over 400 exhibitors as of the latest count in 2023. This surge in participation reflects the increasing interest and investment in Africa’s housing and construction sector.

The International Conference Center (ICC), while a prestigious venue, has become limited in its capacity to accommodate the growing number of exhibitors and attendees. Many international participants have been unable to secure space at the event in the ICC venue due to the high demand and limited availability of space.

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With the recent closure of the ICC for infrastructure upgrades, organizers have seen an opportunity to relocate the event to a bigger and better venue. The decision to move to a larger venue comes as a response to the overwhelming growth and demand for space from international participants and exhibitors. This move will allow for greater inclusivity and accessibility for both exhibitors and attendees, ensuring that no one is left out due to space constraints.

As the event continues to attract participants from 21 countries and over 20,000 attendees, there is a growing demand for facilities that can accommodate the large number of visitors. A bigger venue, such as the National Stadium or Eagle Square, provides ample space for the event to run smoothly without congestion or limitations.

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However, even though the Eagle Square has been considered as a potential venue by stakeholders, the priority remains on selecting a venue that can provide sufficient space for the event while also ensuring ease of access and convenience for all participants.

In response to requests from stakeholders across various countries and recognizing the significant value that the Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) offers, starting from the year 2025, the event will now be held twice a year, with one edition taking place in an African country and another in a state within Nigeria.

The Africa International Housing Show (AIHS), which started as the Abuja Housing Show, has become a premier platform where top government officials and leaders in the housing and construction industry across Africa convene to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. With the move to a larger venue, organizers aim to accommodate the event’s continued growing participants and ensure that it remains a flagship event in the region for years to come.

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