Residents Flee as Kidnappings Surge in Niger State Border Town To Abuja

Taiwo Ajayi
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Richard Bawa, a long-time resident of Garam, a border town between Niger State and the Federal Capital Territory, has witnessed a distressing transformation in his community.

What was once a peaceful area has become a hotbed of kidnapping, leading to an exodus of non-indigenous residents.

Garam, despite being just 30 minutes away from the Three Arms Zone in Abuja, has been plagued by a spate of kidnappings, with at least 20 incidents reported in neighboring Bwari Area Council of the FCT since the beginning of 2024. These incidents have left five people dead and many others traumatized.

The lack of social amenities and employment opportunities in the area has exacerbated the security situation, according to Bawa. He believes that providing these basic necessities could help reduce crime and make the community safer for residents.


In response to the rising insecurity, residents have taken matters into their own hands, forming vigilante groups to protect their community. While they appreciate the increased security presence by government forces, they remain vigilant, knowing that the threat of kidnapping still looms large.

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Despite the challenges, some residents, like Malama Ama Bimba, refuse to leave, determined to stay and fight for their community. Others, like Abdulsalam, have temporarily relocated to safer areas but hope to return once the situation improves.

The Niger State Police Command has assured residents that they are working to enhance security in the area. However, the lack of a police station in Garam remains a concern, with residents having to travel 11 kilometers to Tafa Police Station to report incidents.

While the situation in Garam remains challenging, residents are hopeful that with concerted efforts from both the community and the authorities, they can reclaim their once peaceful way of life.

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