Tinubu Appoints Egbuwalo as NSIPA’s National Coordinator

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Kindele Egbuwalo

Kindele Egbuwalo, previously the National N-POWER Program Manager, has assumed the role of acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and National Coordinator of the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA).

This appointment comes after President Tinubu suspended Halima Shehu from her position as NSIPA national coordinator due to allegations of corruption and financial malpractice during her tenure, as reported by The Nation.

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Shehu had taken office in October 2023 following Senate confirmation on October 18, 2023.

Egbuwalo’s transition from his previous role in managing the N-Power Programme to this new position is viewed as an interim measure while investigations proceed into the allegations against Shehu.

The National Social Investment Programme remains a crucial initiative aimed at tackling poverty and fostering social inclusion throughout Nigeria.

Egbuwalo’s appointment is strategic, leveraging his experience in overseeing the N-Power Programme, ensuring a continuum of expertise in the vital realm of social investment.

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