Top 7 Herbert Wigwe Quotes

Taiwo Ajayi
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Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe

“The world is changing and Nigeria beginning to pay attention to young creative people. No matter the outcome, I urge you to keep telling your stories. Don’t be scared to make a mark in the creative space. The future is beautiful”

“‪Success is a meaningless word without failure. I have failed many times, but I every wrong turn, every misstep, there are important lessons. Embrace them.‬”

“Today and always, let us remember that life is a precious gift; a chance to breathe, feel, love, experience and connect. Let’s honor this gift by living with purpose, kindness and gratitude, making every moment count. Let us number our days.”

“‪If you want to fly, you have to give up the negativity that weighs you down. Give wings to the greatness within you. Soar.‬”

‪”Be empathetic, considerate, kind and respectful. People may forget what you have to them but they won’t lose the memory of how you made them feel‬”

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‪“When I look at the faces of children, I see endless possibilities. All they need is a little help, a little hope, a little love and someone who believes in them. God bless the child”

‪”Increasingly, you’ll find that any task that is repetitive will be replaced by technology. We must, therefore, retrain and reskill our people and ourselves to fit into the new world”

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