Tracking Minister Ahmed Dangiwa’s Performance in 8 Months Despite Challenges

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Minister Dangiwa

…The surge in the price of building materials poses a significant challenge to achieving his goals.

A notable aspect of the minister’s leadership style is his ability to foster a harmonious working relationship with the Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development, Hon. Abdullahi T. Gwarzo. Together, they collaborate seamlessly to advance various projects aimed at addressing Nigeria’s housing challenges and promoting urban development. Hon. Gwarzo’s steadfast support has been instrumental in translating the minister’s vision into tangible initiatives that benefit the populace. This collaborative approach underscores their commitment to delivering meaningful outcomes for the country’s housing sector.

On Monday, August 21, 2023, Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa officially assumed office as the Minister for Housing and Urban Development, pledging to realize President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s bold vision for housing and urban renewal.


Arc. Dangiwa underscored the important role of the Ministry in ensuring all Nigerian have access to decent, quality, and affordable housing while fostering livable communities.

To execute this mandate effectively, the Minister said he will prioritize creating an enabling environment to encourage increased private sector participation and investment, along with the formulation of policies that empower agencies supervised by the ministry to optimize their performance according to their designated functions.

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In the span of 8 months, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc. Ahmed Dangiwa, has matched his words with actions undertaking significant initiatives aimed at addressing Nigeria’s housing challenges and promoting urban development. Here’s a comprehensive appraisal of his performance:

  1. Slum Transformation and Housing Construction: Minister Dangiwa announced plans to allocate N50 billion towards transforming slum communities into developed areas and another N50 billion for constructing housing estates in every state of the federation. These initiatives signify a commitment to improving housing infrastructure nationwide.
  2. Renewed Hope Cities and Estates Programme: Under President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda for Housing and Urban Development, Minister Dangiwa launched the Renewed Hope Cities and Estates Programme with the ground-breaking ceremony for a 3,112-housing unit Renewed Hope City in Karsana, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory as part of 20,000 housing units to be built in Abuja.. This initiative aims to construct integrated living communities, catering to various income brackets, and providing affordable ownership options.
  3. Diaspora Mortgage Housing Scheme: Minister Dangiwa revealed plans to launch a mortgage scheme for Nigerians in the UK, USA, and Canada. This scheme seeks to facilitate homeownership for Nigerians abroad and strengthen ties with the diaspora community.
  4. Public-Private Partnerships: Minister Dangiwa signed an MOU with a consortium of private developers to deliver 100,000 affordable housing units across Nigeria. Additionally, he performed the ground-breaking ceremony for a 480-housing unit project in Abuja, demonstrating a commitment to collaboration with the private sector.
  5. Legislative Reforms: Minister Dangiwa expressed intentions to work with the National Assembly to review the Land Use Act and update laws governing housing and land access. These reforms aim to address obsolete provisions and ensure alignment with current realities.
  6. Enhanced Agency Performance: Minister Dangiwa pledged to increase the capital base of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) to N500 billion and reform agencies like the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). These efforts aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic housing agencies.
  7. Stakeholder Engagement: Minister Dangiwa actively engaged professionals and experts in key projects and agenda setting, fostering collaboration and inclusivity in housing development initiatives. He also intervened in the rising costs of building materials across Nigeria by meeting with manufacturers. A proactive measure that has been described by many as a step in the right direction.
  8. Establishment of Four Reform Task Teams: Minister Dangiwa established four presidential housing reform committees for the realisation of the presidential deliverables for the housing sector and to unlock the massive potential of the sector for catalysing inclusive economic growth in the country. The committees which are being steered by Industry Captains and Professionals are still working, with the hope that they will deliver results before the end of March 2024. The committees include the Housing Institutions Reform Task Team, the Multi-Agency Project Delivery Team, Land Reform Task Team, and the Building Materials Manufacturing Hubs Task Team.
  9. Transformation of Shelter Afrique into Shelter Afrique Development Bank (ShafDB): In a landmark achievement, Arc. Dangiwa as the Chairman of the 42nd Shelter Afrique Annual General Meeting (AGM) Bureau, played a pivotal role in steering the successful transformation of Shelter Afrique into Shelter Afrique Development Bank (ShafDB). The milestone was realized during the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, on October 4-5, 2023.

In addition, under his chairmanship, the AGM witnessed constructive discussions and resolutions on critical issues, culminating in the approval of Shelter Afrique’s revised Company Statutes by its esteemed shareholders. This historic approval marks a significant milestone, paving the way for Shelter Afrique’s evolution into Shelter Afrique Development Bank (ShafDB). As a Development Finance Institution, ShafDB is poised to significantly enhance its financing capacity for affordable housing projects across Africa.

Meanwhile, the minister currently enjoys an impressive 80 percent support from stakeholders in the housing industry. While many commend his efforts and initiatives, there is a growing call for the revitalization of all abandoned housing projects across the country to be prioritized. Stakeholders emphasize the need to cut costs, especially in light of potential challenges posed by the rising prices of building materials.

They argue that by focusing on revitalizing old projects, the financial burden would be significantly reduced compared to starting new ones. This approach would not only make more efficient use of existing resources but also align with the broader goal of addressing Nigeria’s housing deficit in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Dangiwa must remain focused to write his name in gold and avoid those merchants that will not make him to deliver on the renewed hope agenda.

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Minister Ahmed Dangiwa’s performance in 8 months reflects a proactive approach towards addressing Nigeria’s housing deficit, promoting urban development, and fostering partnerships for sustainable housing solutions. His initiatives underscore a commitment to achieving tangible results and improving the quality of life for Nigerians nationwide.

Report Independently Compiled by Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN)

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