Two Saved in Abuja building collapse

Adewole Kehinde
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Two Saved in Abuja building collapse

Tragedy struck at the Prince and Princess Estate in Gudu District, FCT, when a duplex under construction collapsed, trapping two people in a bungalow behind it.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) swiftly intervened, rescuing the trapped individuals.

Nkechi Isa, Head of Public Affairs at FEMA, confirmed the rescue and reiterated the agency’s commitment to safety in the FCT.

Eyewitnesses reported signs of distress in the building before its collapse, prompting workers to evacuate. Unfortunately, two bungalow occupants were trapped under the rubble.

FEMA received a distress call and quickly deployed a search and rescue team in collaboration with NEMA and the FCT Fire Service.

“The team worked tirelessly to rescue the trapped occupants, cutting through window protectors to reach them,” Isa stated.

“We are grateful we rescued both individuals alive,” she added.

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Isa urged developers to adhere to building codes, conduct integrity tests, hire professionals, and ensure safety measures, including insurance for buildings and workers.

This incident underscores the importance of prioritizing safety in construction projects. The Director of Development Control also visited the scene for assessment.

FEMA’s prompt response has been praised, highlighting their preparedness and commitment to saving lives. The event serves as a reminder for developers to prioritize safety and adhere to building regulations to prevent future tragedies.

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