We Can’t Make Progress If You Resume Work By 1pm, Close By 3pm, Umahi Tells Ministry Workers

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We Can’t Make Progress If You Resume Work By 1pm, Close By 3pm, Umahi Tells Ministry Workers

The Minister of Works and Housing, Dave Umahi has called on the workers of the ministry to have a change of attitude to their work as it was affecting the pace of delivery of the mandate given to him by President Bola Tinubu.

Umahi said the attitude displayed by the staff of the ministry was unethical, and he needed to reiterate to them the importance of early resumption.

He lamented that the attitude to work of staff members were disappointing as according to him, “By 3pm I ask for files, some of the workers would have left.”

He stressed that despite various efforts to communicate to staff through the Permanent Secretary on the issue of late resumption, such move was ignored.

Recall on Thursday that some directors and staff members had called for his sack after they were locked out from their offices.

Consequently, the staff members locked Umahi in his office for depriving them of access to the ministry.

The angry staff members cited distance as a major factor for lateness to work.

Speaking to the angry protesters, Umahi said, “I would come to work and see workers coming to work by noon, by 1pm. I have had to send some of them to the Permanent Secretary to talk to them.

“Just a week ago, I called all the directors and said to them: Without discipline, it is difficult. I come to work and ask for files, but some of the staff are not yet in the office to provide the files.

“Today I came to work by 9:30am, I had several files to transmit and not up to 5 per cent of the workers were in.

“I told the head of human resources that I needed to get the attention of the workers; I needed to come and address you at the gate then I saw you started playing a friendly game like a fight.

When you treat people under you well, it is not a favour to them, it is a favour to yourself. Because whatever you sow is what you reap, if you were offended this morning, I offer apologies to you, I cannot do without you, and you cannot do without me”

He also called for the staff members’ support to harness the growth of the ministry, adding that it is the agenda of President Bola Tinubu.

“You have to support me; I am not fighting for myself. You have to support me to demand that when we pay contractors, they should respect us, we must reset this country. This is the agenda of the renewed hope of Mr. President” Umahi added.


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