118 Inmates Escape as Rainstorm Destroys Niger Prison

Olivia Pressman
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A heavy downpour on Wednesday night resulted in extensive damage to the Medium Security Custodial Centre in Suleja, Niger State, leading to the escape of 118 inmates.

The downpour caused severe damage to the custodial centre’s infrastructure, including a breach in the perimeter fence, which allowed the inmates to flee.

In response, the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) activated its recapturing protocols and collaborated with other security agencies to recover 10 of the escaped inmates.


Efforts to recapture the remaining fleeing inmates are ongoing.

The NCoS acknowledged the vulnerability of ageing facilities, many of which were built during the colonial era, and expressed commitment to modernizing its infrastructure.

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Controller of Corrections, FCT Command, Francis John, assured the public that the situation was under control and urged them to carry on with their daily activities without fear.

The public was encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or sightings of escaped inmates to the nearest security agency.

In a related development, the United States highlighted the significant challenge of overcrowding in Nigerian prisons, noting that numerous correctional facilities were grappling with a staggering 50% increase in the number of inmates beyond their intended capacity.

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The US report also revealed that some prisons, with histories dating back 70 to 80 years, faced difficulties in meeting even the most fundamental standards of living.

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