Announcing the Date for Africa international Housing Show 2024

Taiwo Ajayi
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The Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) is the continent’s premier event dedicated to promoting sustainable and affordable housing solutions. With its reputation for bringing together stakeholders and manufacturers of building materials from not less than 20countries annually. The AIHS has become an essential platform for exchanging ideas, showcasing innovations, and fostering collaboration to tackle Africa’s housing challenges.

The upcoming edition of AIHS, scheduled from 19th to 25th July 2024 at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, Nigeria, promises to be an even grander affair than its successful past editions. This is due in part to its heightened focus on sustainable development, technology integration, and inclusive housing policies. In addition, the event will feature a wider range of speakers and exhibitors, as well as a more comprehensive program of activities. As a result, AIHS 2024 is expected to attract a record number of participants from all over the world.

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Recap of Past Events
Since its incorporation in 2007, AIHS has steadily increased in scope and influence, consequently attracting participants from all around the world. Previous editions of the event have taken place in well-known African cities like Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, and Abuja Nigeria’s capital. Each occasion provided a forum for the interaction of decision-makers, financiers, developers, researchers, and non-governmental organizations in order to address the housing crisis in the area.

The AIHS has played a significant role in advancing creative solutions to challenging housing issues. Previous iterations saw the introduction of ground-breaking projects, from eco-friendly building materials and modular housing options to inexpensive mortgage finance options and helpful government regulations. Millions of Africans now have access to excellent and reasonably priced housing thanks to the combined effects of these efforts.

The AIHS’s 2022 edition was a great success. It featured more than 200 exhibitors from 20 different nations and attracted over 20,000 visitors. The presentation served as the official launch event for the Africa Housing Finance Corporation, a brand-new pan-African financial organization that will lend money to low-income families and startup companies in the housing industry.

Expectations and Themes for AIHS in 2024

The AIHS 2024 edition is keenly anticipated as it is expected to be a landmark occasion that will propel the African housing industry to new heights.

The purpose of AIHS 2024 is to address urgent concerns, take advantage of new possibilities, and strengthen the region’s commitment to achieving sustainable development goals by building on the success of past editions. This edition is expected to surpass the previous one in size and quality.

There will be a greater variety of exhibitors, more speakers, and a fuller schedule of events at the exhibition. Additionally, more people are anticipated to travel there from within and outside of Africa. The following are some of the show’s main themes and goals for this year:

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The rise of green building
In light of rising environmental awareness, AIHS 2024 will highlight cutting-edge and eco-friendly building methods and supplies. Participants can anticipate learning about eco-friendly construction methods, energy-saving gadgets, and the use of renewable energy sources in housing endeavors.

The development of affordable housing
The lack of affordable housing is a significant issue in many African nations. The AIHS will highlight several initiatives that aim to give low-income households access to affordable housing.

The expansion of the mortgage industry
In Africa, the mortgage market is expanding quickly. The AIHS will offer a forum for borrowers and lenders to interact and talk about the most recent mortgage products and services.

Technology Integration
Tech in housing could revolutionize planning, construction, and maintenance. AIHS 2024 will debate smart homes, IoT, AI, and blockchain to improve housing.

Anyone interested in the future of housing in Africa must attend the AIHS 2024 event. The show will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends, network with industry leaders, and explore the latest housing solutions.

O2 Real Estate will share insights on sustainable development, tech, and inclusive housing policies at AIHS 2024. The company will also highlight its innovative projects that are addressing the housing challenges facing the African continent. The company will highlight the housing challenges facing the African continent in addition to its innovative projects. O2 Real Estate pioneers affordable, sustainable housing in Africa. AIHS 2024 presence showcases cutting-edge solutions.

Attendees can engage with O2 Real Estate, learn from their projects, and explore collab opportunities for Africa’s housing future. let’s see your experience in the last edition of AIHS in our comments section.

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