CORBON Urges FHA to Prioritize Licensed Builders for Housing Projects

Taiwo Ajayi
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In a recent development, the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) has passionately appealed to the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) to exclusively involve builders possessing valid practice licenses in its housing projects.

Dr. Samson Opaluwah, the Chairman of CORBON, led a delegation in a courtesy visit to Senator Gbenga Ashafa, the Managing Director of FHA, in Abuja. During the meeting, Opaluwah underscored the indispensable role of qualified builders in ensuring successful project delivery.

He urged the FHA to adhere to the provisions of the Public Procurement Act 2007 by engaging only companies with builders currently holding valid practice licenses for their operations and management functions.

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Emphasizing the importance of having a robust cadre of professional builders within the FHA, Opaluwah urged the housing authority to implement a succession plan for the profession. He assured the Managing Director of CORBON’s unwavering readiness and determination to offer support to the FHA in fulfilling its mandate.

In response, Ashafa commended CORBON for its steadfast commitment to upholding professional standards since its establishment in 1989.

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He expressed appreciation for the clarification provided on the pivotal role of builders and affirmed the FHA’s dedication to promptly addressing any identified gaps within the organization. The Managing Director assured CORBON of the housing authority’s commitment to implementing measures that prioritize licensed builders in its housing projects.

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