FHA Denies Demolition Plans for Zhidu Community Amid Land Dispute

Taiwo Ajayi
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By Taiwo Ajayi

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) has stepped forward to disavow any involvement in the intended demolition of Zhidu community near Lugbe Phase II in Abuja. In a statement released by Mr. Kenneth Chigelu, the Head of Press and Publicity Unit at FHA, the authority aimed to rectify misconceptions propagated by certain land exploiters who have consistently deceived unsuspecting Nigerians, extorting money through the illicit sale of government land.

Chigelu clarified the situation, stating, “The authority aims to correct the misrepresentation created by certain land exploiters who have consistently misled innocent citizens by illegally selling government land.”

He explained that the FHA had acquired a parcel of land from the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) for housing development. The FHA had conducted an enumeration exercise and compensated the affected farmers. However, during the pre-development surveys, it was discovered that some squatters had encroached upon portions of the land owned by the authority.

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“Further complicating matters, the unauthorized development infringes upon the right-of-way of Ring Road three, crucial for servicing the entire area,” Chigelu added.

The FHA, in conjunction with the FCDA, commenced identifying the developments encroaching upon FHA’s land and the Ring Road three for potential removal to facilitate the planned land development eight months ago.

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Chigelu urged individuals with legitimate claims to the land to present proof of ownership and building approval for documentation purposes. He expressed surprise at the claim that the FHA planned to demolish the entire Zhidu community with only a two-week notice, refuting such allegations as baseless.

FHA stood firm, asserting its commitment to not tolerate any slum development within its estates. Chigelu reiterated the call for individuals with rightful claims to land within the FHA’s parcel in Zhidu community to submit all relevant documents and approvals for proper documentation.

“The authority remains undeterred by the tactics employed by the self-proclaimed community leaders. FHA reiterates its stance against accommodating any form of unlawful development within its estates,” Chigelu emphasized.

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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