Ekiti State Governor Promises Swift Response to Flood Damage

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Ekiti state Governor promises quick response to Flood Damage

By Ajayi Taiwo

A recent flood in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, has had a devastating impact on housing in the area. Many homes have been damaged or destroyed, and residents have been displaced.

The flooding was caused by a torrential downpour that lasted for several hours. The water levels rose quickly, and many people were caught off guard. Some residents were able to escape to higher ground, but others were trapped in their homes.

Message from the Gov. Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti

The governor regretted the level of havoc wreaked by the flood and assured that his government would map out life-saving mechanisms to mitigate the destruction of property in areas submerged by water.

“Our people should discount that rumor that five people died. Nothing of such happened.

“We have it on good authority that those who fell victim were saved by divers. So, our people shouldn’t panic.

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“It was to avoid flooding that this government embarked on aggressive dredging of Ureje and Elemi Rivers early this year.

“We also cleared many drains in Ado-Ekiti. If not for those proactive actions, the wreckage could have been worse and more destructive.

“We sympathize with those who were affected by this flooding. My government won’t abandon them.

“We will take quick steps to address all your issues. We will surely come to your aid because the welfare of the people is paramount,” he said.

The flooding has had a major impact on the housing market in Ado-Ekiti. Many homes have been rendered uninhabitable, and the demand for rental housing has increased. The prices of rental properties have also increased, making it difficult for people to find affordable housing.

The government has been providing temporary housing for those affected by the flooding, but the long-term impact on housing in the area is still uncertain. The government is working to develop a plan to rebuild the damaged homes and to make the city more resilient to future flooding.

In the meantime, residents of flood-prone areas are taking steps to protect their homes. Some residents are raising the foundation of their homes, while others are installing flood vents and waterproofing their basements. Residents are also storing their belongings in safe places.

The flooding in Ado-Ekiti is a reminder of the risks of living in flood-prone areas. Residents of these areas should take steps to protect their homes and belongings. The government also has a role to play in reducing the risk of flooding. By taking these steps, we can help to reduce the impact of flooding on housing and make our communities more resilient to this hazard.

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