Federal Housing Authority Denies Plans for Demolishing 1,500 Houses in Zhidu Community, FCT

Taiwo Ajayi
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Federal Housing Authority

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) has strongly refuted recent reports alleging intentions to demolish 1,500 houses within the Zhidu community near Lugbe Phase II in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Residents of the community voiced concerns over the FHA’s alleged plans to make way for a private developer’s housing estate, prompting calls for the FHA to halt the purported demolition plans and engage in fair negotiations for compensation and resettlement.

In response, Kenneth Chigelu, Head of Press and Publicity Unit at FHA, clarified the situation, addressing what he described as misleading information propagated by certain individuals taking advantage of innocent citizens.

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Chigelu emphasized that the FHA legally acquired land from the Federal Capital Territory Administration for housing development. He highlighted the compensation provided to farmers and identified encroachments by squatters during pre-development exercises.

Highlighting the encroachments along the right of way of the Ring Road servicing the area, Chigelu explained ongoing efforts by the FHA and FCDA to identify developments within FHA’s land and the Ring Road for necessary removal, initiated eight months ago.

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Chigelu urged individuals with legitimate claims to land within FHA’s parcel to present proof of ownership and building approval for documentation purposes. He dismissed claims of an impending demolition of the entire Zhidu community, reaffirming the FHA’s stance against accommodating slum development within its estates.

The FHA remains resolute in its position, inviting individuals with valid claims to come forward with relevant documentation to resolve the matter in a fair and transparent manner.

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