GMH Luxury Unveils Planned Resort to Boost Tourism

Okey Ikechukwu
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In an effort to boost tourism and reduce capital flight in Nigeria, GMH Luxury Investment Limited has unveiled its vision for a new resort, D’Maris.

Speaking at the unveiling of the proposed project in Abuja, the company’s CEO, Ayoolanrewaju Kuyebi, revealed the group’s vision for a one-of-a-kind getaway designed to provide a serene, enchanting experience for travelers looking to unwind.


Kuyebi also highlighted the project’s broader purpose, explaining that D’Maris will be a potent symbol of homegrown investment, helping to reduce capital flight by retaining wealth within Nigeria, while also stimulating tourism in the country.

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“D’Maris is actually solving two major problems; boosting the tourism sector and reviving the economy. D’Maris is capable of reintroducing Nigeria to the tourist market and the potentials are there to solve the fx liquidity that our economy is currently suffering from.

“Natural resources and the tourist sites are there, we have the longest beach front in West Africa, over 800km, so the resources are there untapped and D’Maris is here to reawaken the giant in Nigeria. It is taking the frontier in opening Nigeria up to the world in terms of tourism, in terms of hospitality, in exporting our art, culture and food.

Speaking on its feasibility, Kuyebi drove home the point that D’Maris is a well-planned, financially sound project.

“Dream they say is the driving force of achievement. Beyond the parties and unveiling, we have the second biggest merchant bank in Nigeria as financial advisor of this project, so the issue of finance is already solved before we even start. This project is not going to lack funding from day one.

“We have the technical resources, we have the Human Resources and the financial advisors that worth their onions as far as this project is concerned. So D’Maris is a thought through process, and that is why even beyond the beautiful edifice, it’s going to be a managed by a tier one hotel management company,”. Kuyebi asserted.

Experts who attended the unveiling of D’Maris’s design plans, all well-respected figures within the built environment, were unanimous in their admiration for the resort’s vision and sustainability goals, hailing it as a shining example of how modern tourism can be both financially viable and environmentally responsible.

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