Lagos Residents Protest Demolition Plans for Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road Project

Taiwo Ajayi
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Residents of Okun-Ajah community in Lagos State took to the streets in protest on Monday over the proposed demolition of their properties for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road project.

Approximately 100 protesters voiced their concerns outside the State House of Assembly, demanding that the government abandon its plans.


Saheed Olukosi, leading the demonstration, emphasized the importance of following due process and reverting to the original gazetted Right of Way (RoW). He stated that the community had verified with the Ministry of Physical Planning, confirming that their buildings did not encroach on the RoW of the coastal road alignment.

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Ridwan Adekunle highlighted a significant deviation from the approved coastal road alignment, noting that the community’s land was covered by a global Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). Despite assurances from government officials, including Desmond Elliot representing Surulere Constituency I, the residents remain skeptical and are determined to protect their properties.

The matter is set to be addressed in the State House of Assembly, with promises from Desmond Elliot that all parties involved will be called to resolve the issue.

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The residents of Okun-Ajah community stand firm in their stance against the demolition of their properties and are seeking a fair and just resolution to the ongoing dispute.

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