Nigerian Engineer’s Solar Powered ‘Keke’ Captures US Attention

Taiwo Ajayi
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Anthony Okafor

Anthony Okafor, a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a background in auto engineering, has been making waves in the renewable energy, solar, and auto industries.

Founder of Okafor Motors, an auto-making factory, and solar powering systems in Enugu, Okafor gained international attention in 2020 with the unveiling of his solar electric-powered tricycle, built in just 21 days.

Now, Okafor’s vision is gaining momentum as Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC), a nonprofit organization based in Ohio, USA, has answered his call for support.


The partnership aims to mass-produce solar-powered tricycles and quadricycles for Nigerians, providing sustainable transportation solutions while uplifting operators from poverty.

Engr. Okafor expressed his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting plans to establish NrG Company (pronounced “energy”) to manufacture solar-powered vehicles. This partnership signifies a significant boost to Nigeria’s transportation sector and foreign direct investment interests.

Under the agreement, SCC’s subsidiary, WinBat company, will deploy hemp battery technology, ensuring the competitiveness of solar-electric vehicles against traditional gasoline counterparts.

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Okafor emphasized the four-year journey since the prototype’s development, noting the challenges and modifications made to tailor products to the local market.

Jeff Greene, spokesperson for SCC/winBat, described the partnership as a “Nigerian Success Story,” emphasizing SCC’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. NrG Company will produce NiBat batteries for the vehicles and explore battery recycling, with SCC’s expertise and funding facilitating rapid progress.

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The collaboration between Okafor Motors and SCC signals a new era in Nigeria’s transportation and energy sectors, promising innovation, sustainability, and economic empowerment for communities across the nation.

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